About Us


Centerman Capital was founded in November 2012 to provide strategic growth capital and CEO/CFO advisory services for fast-growing, early stage companies. We take pride in our unique approach of offering targeted capital investments coupled with hands-on support to accelerate growth.


Like a centerman in ice hockey, Centerman Capital is committed to "game time" excellence in all zones of the competitive game of business.

  • In the defensive zone, we provide a support structure to help entrepreneurs protect their businesses.
  • In the neutral zone of everyday commerce, we build processes and infrastructure to help scale business growth while minimizing mistakes that can cost key opportunities.  
  • In the offensive growth zone, we assist entrepreneurs to find new opportunities and score profitable successes by the relentless pursuit of execution.  

We emphasize that culture is the key to any team's success.  Through proper motivation and individual accountabilities (the player's roles) we help entrepreneurs win every day.


Bob Craig, Scott Webster and the Centerman Capital team bring deep expertise, a strong network of key partners, a culture-based focus and a relentless passion for setting up entrepreneurs for sustainable success.


The 2022 revenues for Centerman Capital’s 10 portfolio companies were $400+ million with forecasted revenues for 2023 to be in excess of $500+ million.   We are dedicated to helping the entrepreneurs leading these fast growing companies succeed each and every day.




Centerman Capital   |  60 Kendrick Street, Suite 200  Needham, MA  02494  | bob@centermancapital.com  ,  scott@centermancapital.com  ,  adam@centermancapital.com