Our Strategy...


Centerman Capital focuses on opportunities that:

  • have Differentiated, on-trend products or services that are advantaged to win,
  • compete in growing, on-trend categories, and
  • are led by a scalable founders with a passion to win

​Centerman Capital takes an "all in" approach to helping entrepreneurs and CEOs realize their dreams by doing four things, well:


1) Angel Investments Our principals make angel capital investments in the businesses we support.  We show a strong commitment by being in the game.  


2) Hands-On Support -  We assist entrepreneurs daily with any and all routine and unforeseen decisions by providing sound disciplined advice based on our deep expertise and experience leading start-up businesses to success.  We also offer a suite of finance, accounting and executional services to manage day to day activities (Quickbooks, AR, AP, e-commerce fulfillment, etc.) - services that can scale up or down as portfolio companies evolve.


3) Network Connections - We use our extensive networks of key service providers & functional experts to connect portfolio companies with cost-effective partners.  Our partners (Banking, IT, legal, tax, audit, insurance, real estate, web design, customer service, etc.) enable growth with a lean structure.  We also mobilize our networks to generate new business opportunities for our portfolio companies.


4) Growth Capital -  Through the Power Play Fund I & II.  we offer Centerman portfolio companies access to the larger investment capital they need to accelerate their emerging growth.

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